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Explore the flavors with our customizable platters. Start with our fire-grilled citrus marinated chicken or choose from a variety of meats like Mojo Roast Pork (Pulled Pork). Pair with a side or two.

Quarter Chicken Two Sides

1/4 Fire Grilled Chicken

Fresh marinated in citrus juices and spices for 24 hours, then fire grilled to perfection.

Half Chicken Platter no Broc

1/2 Fire Grilled Chicken

For big appetites, this dish doubles up the delicious offering with 1/2 of a grilled chicken.

Boneless Chicken Breast Platter

Boneless Chicken Breasts

Two fresh skinless, boneless all-white meat chicken breasts marinated in our citrus blend, then grilled for a super tasty, low-fat meal.

Mojo Roast Pork Platter Two Sides

Roast Pork

Slow roasted in a juice blend, our roast pork is a moist and tender marvel crowned with sautéed onions.

Pollo Trio with Crispy Chicken

Pollo Trio with Crispy Chicken

This platter of signature favorites features a half crispy chicken breast, ¼ bone-in Chicken, & Chicken Sausage, served with Rice, Beans and Plantains.

Crispy Chicken with Pineapple Salsa Platter

Crispy Chicken with Pineapple Salsa Platter

Our signature citrus-marinated Crispy Chicken Breast topped with our new Pineapple Salsa made with peppers, onions, cilantro, lime juice and a touch of hot sauce. Served with your choice of side.

* Available in some markets

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